• Product feasibility study
  • Creation and supervision of technical documentation
  • Definition of wiring methods
  • Design of formboards and production tools
  • Project industrialisation
  • Value Stream Mapping and cost optimisation
  • Concept and construction design of testing areas
  • Change management
  • Design/co-design for turn-key solution


Dedicated Rail engineering team:

  • Electrical skills: 5 engineers
  • Mechanical skills: 1 engineer
  • Software skills: 1 engineer
  • Process skills: 3 engineers
  • Tools: CAD, SolidWorks, MiniTab, Target 3001
  • Engineers with production and service background

Examples of customer engineering

  • Use of 3D modelling to optimise layout, reducing design-related scrap
  • Development of plug-and-play solutions that reduce activity in our customers’ workshops
  • Standardisation of cable types (standard EN normative), connectors (max 3-4 connectors suppliers), contacts, protection sleeves to optimise final product
  • Selection of appropriate production and control tools
  • On-site engineering support to provide a bridge
    between customer and Panlink