Why PanLink

PanLink is set up to provide a high level of service throughout the value chain. We’ve built our competitive offer on specialist expertise in engineering, sourcing and manufacturing.


A strong engineering function is crucial in order to serve our customers throughout the product life cycle and help optimize their design mainly from a producability and sourcing point of view.

We welcome involvement as early as possible as our experience is that the earlier the manufacturing perspective can be taken into account, the more significant cost savings can be achieved.

Our engineers support our customers on-site, with everything from product design issues, test design or end of life management.


PanLink works with leading suppliers to build a robust and efficient supply chain that delivers cost optimization combined with excellent performance. We have developed well-structured and competetive supply chains in the areas of electronics, mechanics and cables.

Our suppliers are set up with focus on creating maximum flexibility and logistical efficiency. Our preferred suppliers must also fulfill our key requirements:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Local supply chain in relevant markets
  • Strong performance and fulfillment

New customers normally bring in new suppliers. We are happy to take over strategic suppliers from our customers and integrate them into our supplier base. We always challenge them to make sure that they are the right choice for our customers.


At PanLink we provide flexible and scalable production options that increase your competitiveness regardless of whether you have a new product or an already industrialized product.

We are experts in electrical assembly and have the knowledge and technology to build anything from a single wire cable to complete products including technologies such as sheet metal, machining and electronics. Our factories are equipped with modern equipment and run according to lean manufacturing principles.

Our flexible set-up is ideal to support B2B products in medium to high mix. We build assembly solutions based on specific customer requirements from forecasting to delivery.