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Over the past years, Gdánsk, Gdynia and Sopot (locally called the Tri-City) have seen an increasing amount of large companies setting up production facilities in the region. Tri-City is quickly becoming a well-established business hub attracting companies from all of Europe. Here are four reasons why. 

Geographically the Tri-City is located perfectly for producing companies. Situated along major transit routes, Gdánsk, Gdynia and Sopot serve as the link between the northwestern parts of Europe and the rest of the continent. The seaports of Gdánsk and Gdynia are two of Polands major ports, and the only ports in the Baltics with direct connections to southeast Asia. Finally, the airport of Gdánsk has a wide range of connections internationally making it easy to travel in and out for business. 

Educated workforce.  With almost 20 universities and over 70000 students, the Tri-City is one of the most well educated areas in Europe. The high living standards and growing amount of companies in the area has made it an attractive place to live, which makes it easy for companies to find skilled employees. 

Strong growth. Large companies relocating to the area and a strong growth over the last decade has made the Tri-City a very desirable investment location. Especially the business districts of Gdánsk and Gdynia are seeing large investments being made in modern office hubs, skyscrapers and renovated tenements. With a strong startup culture, investments in the area are bound to keep increasing, and Tri-City to keep growing. 

Culture. When business is not calling, Tri-City has something for everyone. An interesting history dating back a thousand years, great food, sand beaches and a rich nightlife are reasons enough to visit the area. Fun fact: For half of its history Gdánsk has been known as Danzig, and was the Hanseatic leagues largest city during the 15th and 16th century. 

There are no limits to the development of Tri-City and PanLink is proud to be part of the process. Our leading edge production facilities are located in Tczew, just outside of Gdánsk. If you wish to learn more about our facilities and what we can offer, please contact us.

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Welcome to our world. Here we show an ongoing test to check the durability of potting/molding and wiring of cables during 3,5 weeks, 24h per day, 7 days a week – which equals 1 million cycles. Internally this is called “the Hula Hoop test”. 

Manufacturing cable harnesses is one of the many things within electrical manufacturing and assembly we do at PanLink, and a part of our long-lasting history and DNA. And of course, quality-testing is a vital part of our process.


Introducing Niklas Wadström – PanLink’s new Business Development Manager. With background both in engineering and various senior marketing management roles, Niklas will form a new function at PanLink, bridging the areas of sales, marketing, technology and business development.

Why are you working with Business Development?
I love developing our strengths in the company to form our continuous strategy for growth. I also thrive in understanding customers’ needs and finding where we can add the most value to the customer based on our capabilities. 

What do you want to achieve at PanLink?
I want to contribute to Panlinks growth and I hope to do so with my experience and background in Business Development, I also want to be a part in strengthening PanLinks’ brand and brand awareness.


Dear Customer,
The first six months of 2021 has contained a lot of positive developments and we are glad to see that your markets are returning with increasing demands. As the summer season is approaching, we wish you and our team relaxing holidays to charge our batteries and be back with renewed energy in some weeks to continue to deliver and strive to be the strongest link in your supply chain.

Lars-Gunnar Nilsson
PanLink CEO

PanLink has now been officially awarded with the ISO/TS 22163 certificate. IRIS is a Rail-specific quality certification for manufacturers of parts, components and rail-mounted vehicles. The standard has specific high requirements on project based processes.

After several years in the Rail business, this is an important milestone for us at PanLink to be IRIS certified, proving our capabilities to continue to provide the best possible service to our Rail customers. We welcome current and new customers to discuss with us how this can improve our joint business.

2020 turned out quite differently than we all expected. While managing the challenges we have kept focus on delivering good value. This year, PanLink will make two Christmas donations. One to the local hospital in Tczew, Poland, for their efforts in providing good COVID healthcare. Another donation goes to Save the Children for their work in providing vaccination programs for children. Wishing you a relaxing Christmas period and a Happy New Year.


We are very happy to introduce our new Quality Manager – Paweł Szatkowski – who recently joined us at our plant in Tczew, Poland.

What attracted you in working at PanLink?
“It was a mixture of two components: people, who are working at Panlink, whom I used to know professionally when working for Delphi. These are the first class specialists, very proficient in everyday business activities. Secondly is the fact the company has international background, enabling me to use English and German, especially with our customers.”

What do you want to achieve?
“I will not make any empty promises. First I have to gather the data, get to know Panlink in different business areas. Then we will decide what the priorities are, how to proceed and establish a plan. For sure I will be aiming at introducing the core tools from the IATF such as MSA or SPC.”

Why are you working with Quality?
“I am passionate at making processes robust, less variable and efficient. I also love to work with people sharing similar values and approach, so Quality is the right place.”

If you like to hear more about how we work with improving Quality, please contact us.