Covid-19 message from our CEO

This week we would like to share a message on Covid-19, from our CEO Lars-Gunnar Nilsson, about where we are, what we have done and expectations going forward. As always you are welcome to contact us should you have any questions or comments.

We are very happy to introduce our new Quality Manager – Paweł Szatkowski – who recently joined us at our plant in Tczew, Poland.

What attracted you in working at PanLink?
“It was a mixture of two components: people, who are working at Panlink, whom I used to know professionally when working for Delphi. These are the first class specialists, very proficient in everyday business activities. Secondly is the fact the company has international background, enabling me to use English and German, especially with our customers.”

What do you want to achieve?
“I will not make any empty promises. First I have to gather the data, get to know Panlink in different business areas. Then we will decide what the priorities are, how to proceed and establish a plan. For sure I will be aiming at introducing the core tools from the IATF such as MSA or SPC.”

Why are you working with Quality?
“I am passionate at making processes robust, less variable and efficient. I also love to work with people sharing similar values and approach, so Quality is the right place.”

If you like to hear more about how we work with improving Quality, please contact us.

Instead of PanLink’s annual company picnic, the decision has been taken to transfer money from the Company Social Benefits Funds to be used for co-financing of employees’ expenses for Easter and other types of social activities. The biggest funding will be granted to those who have the lowest income per family member. We wish you a Happy Easter!

Each year PanLink donates to two charities in Poland helping children and their families. Our long-term commitment to these charities aims to make a real difference to the local community of Tczew. The two charities focus on activities that provide comprehensive development through creating an atmosphere of warmth, security and understanding and helping parents to better care for their children.